Anonymous asked:

full story: biblebeauty never existed. she was a character created by several people who ran that blog (+ biblebarbie aka amandasbong) & something happened to one of the people who ran it (lily) and they decided to kill the character off and delete. this whole fake persona started years ago on some forums but i think the person who ran it did actually die.

And there you have it folks


Who are you?

I’m just your less-than-average blogger.

What happened to Biblebeauty?

I honestly have no idea. Some people say she died, others say she made a new account. I have no clue.

Why do you have this URL?

I collect deleted URLs.

Do you personally know Biblebeauty?

No. I only followed her for a matter of days before she deleted. I know absolutely nothing about her other than she was a girl. I don’t even know her name. I also didn’t realize she was this popular/famous.

Delete this blog!!!

No. It’s not even a blog, it’s just a dead URL.

Stop disrespecting the dead!

If I am, I’m really sorry. I do not mean disrespect. I didn’t even know she died until recently. I am simply keeping this URL.

Are you impersonating Biblebeauty?

No. I am not Biblebeauty.

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